All Uncommon and above quality equipment has an 'of...' after its name. This defines the items bonuses. For example, 'Willfull Plated Schynbald of The Maiden' will have the 'The Maiden' stat: +x% Total Armour. There are also the same quality colours for the stats, these are seen as coloured circles next to the item's picture. A grey Bashing stat might increase hammer damage by 1% where as a purple one might be +10%. A purple stat does not have to be on a purple item.


Vented Grimhelm. This helm is of blue quality and has 2 stats, one is blue and the other purple. Shown in the 2 circles on the right.

Grey < Green < Blue< Purple < Orange < Red

This table shows the names and their associated stats. All increases/decreases are as a percentage.

Name Effect
Anger Aggression
Area Spider Effect Radius
Attunement Sentient Weapon Duration
Balance Air Melee Damage
Bashing Hammer Damage
Battle Prayer Battle Cry Damage
Bitterness One-Handed Damage
Blessing Battle Cry Damage
Blight Increased Ruiner Damage
Blood Health
Caching Increased Ammo
Carnage Two-Handed Damage
Composite Slash Resistance
Composure Soothing
Darting Sentient Weapon Speed
Defiance Cannon Damage
Deception Target Acquisition Scrambler
Dexterity Dexterity
Dodging Improved Dodge
Duration Status Effect Duration
Effectiveness Status Effect Damage
Energy Laser Damage
Ensnaring Snare Chance
Explosion Rupture Chance
Ferocity Sword Slide Distance
Forcefulness Sword Juggle Time
Fortune Loot Drop Chance
Frailty Exposed Effect
Growling Battle Cry Damage
Gungnir Cannon Range
Haste Attack Speed
Havoc Pistol Range
Hexing Spider Cooldown
Hope Healing Effectiveness
Hurling Winds Ballistic Resistance
Hypnosis Annulment Chance
Impact Blunt Resistance
Initiative Staff Slide Distance
Launching Melee Juggle Time
Loading Improved Reload Speed
Luck Loot Drop Chance
Magnitude Hammer Fierce Damage
Malice Pistol Damage
Mutilation Sword Damage
Pounding Strength
Patching Bio Engineer Regeneration
Plasma Hybrid Damage
Plate Piercing Resistance
Precision Ballistic Resistance
Range Ballistic Lock Distance
Reach Staff Fierce Damage
Reinforcement Total Armor
Remote Thunder Battle Cry Efficiency
Rooting Mobility Disruption
Ruggedness Equipment State
Savagery Dual Wield Melee Damage
Sharpness Sentient Weapon Damage
Skuld Spider Damage
Slashing Sword Fierce Damage
Slaying Sword Fierce Range
Slowing Slowed
Spirit Healing Effectiveness
Striking Staff Damage
The Astute Experience Bonus
The Maiden Total Armor
The Pine Staff Fierce Range
The Sparrow Hammer Slide Distance
Toughness Equipment State
Urd Spider Anti-Missile Duration
Vengeance Hammer Fierce Range
Ventilation Slug Damage
Verdandi Spider Duration
Wickedness Rifle Damage
Worth Salvage Bonus
Wrath Rifle Ballistic Range