Weapons, armors, charms, runes, and blueprints are found on dead enemies or in ancient caches and obelisks. You may evaluate use, or salvage your equipment by selecting Equipment in the main menu. Use the triggers to move between sections in the Equipment screen.

Equipment State[edit | edit source]

Armor and weapons will take damage upon dying. If an item's state reaches zero (visible in inventory), that item will break and will no longer offer benefits for being used. Broken items will flash red on your character. By visiting Tyr's Workshop to repair weapons or the Cybernetic Lab to repair armor, you can use bounty to repair damaged and even broken equipment.

Item State Bonus[edit | edit source]

By default your equipment state will be reduced by 100 points when you die. By equipping item with item state bonuses you can reduce your equipment state loss by as much as 95%. In that case dying would only reduce your equipment state by 5 points.

Equipment Rarity[edit | edit source]

They range in quality with grey items being the lowest and red the highest, as seen below.

Common < Less Common < Uncommon < Rare < Very Rare < Epic/Elite

Common weapons and armors have no rune slot, Less Common have 1 rune slots, Uncommon have 2, Rare have 3, Very Rare have 4, Epic/Elite equipment also have 4 rune slots. Rare, Very Rare and Epic/Elite equipment always drop as blueprints. Blueprints can only be created with the use of Bounty, the currency of "Too Human".

Augmentations of Baldur[edit | edit source]

Capable of delivering devastating melee attacks and precision ballistic fire, Baldur's augmentations allow full combat customization in hundreds of thousands of combinations.

Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapons


Names[edit | edit source]

Armor & Weapon names will usually go by a 3 part name structure. Let's take one example... "Ancient Falchion of Wrath"
Ancient: Modifier / Falchion: Root / Wrath: Modifier

In the Equipment section, we will be organizing item names with a 2 part naming structure. For example:

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